Privacy policy

The mailing system we use (GNU Mailman) stores your email address so it can keep sending you residents' messages.

Emails from residents are sent to subscribers of each list. As a subscriber you will receive these emails.

Emails are not displayed in a public place (eg on the internet).

We ask for information when you join (name, street, postcode, your hopes and perspective on the community). We use this information to filter out spammers. We don't store it.

If you want to change your emailing list settings ask our volunteer admins to do it for you.

Once a subscriber, you can send emails to the other subscribers. You can reply to everyone, or just to the original sender. Your email address is visible to other subscribers, in any email you send.

Privacy in numbers -

  • Number of companies to who we will sell your data: 0
  • Number of social networks where we will expose your data: 0
  • Number of silicon valley billionaires who will benefit from your data: 0