Becketts Park Residents Association

Becketts Park Residents' Association has been active since 2009 and members are people living in and around the Becketts Park area, including properties on St Annes Road, Batcliffe Mount or Drive, St Chads Drive, Rise or Avenue, those properties along Otley Road which back on to the estate between St Annes Drive and the Memorial Gardens at St Chads Church or any of the Streets within these boundaries.

At the present time we are an email only group, although we have met as a group to consider our response to, for example, the Neighbourhood Design Statement for our part of Far Headingley.

In November 2015 we met at Salvo's Salumeria and decided to become a fully constituted Residents Association.

Our aim is to provide a forum to share news and information of interest to the local residents and to maintain and improve our community. We are represented on the Steering Group for development of the Headingley Neighbourhood Plan and work closely with the Friends of Beckett Park.

If you live in this area and would like to have support with local issues such as traffic, Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), local developments and our Park then please join us. New members are always welcome! There is no charge for membership.

We're on Facebook (Beckett Park), Twitter (@ParkBecketts) and Streetlife (Beckett Park)

To be added to our mailing list, please email your name and address to:

Helen Kirk, November 2015