Aims and Principles of

The ethos of this web site is the open, free sharing of information.

The site is not for commercial use. Please see guidelines on commercial use


build community resilience connecting local people together in local networks
provide topical information Headingley's Upcoming Events diary, A-Z of Community Activities, chat@headingley emailing list
provide information resources news archive, initiatives, campaigns, links, contacts, sources of help. Content is indexed
be the central reference point for community information collect all the Community information that is available
show what our community is positive information is given precedence, diverse views are encouraged
give residents a voice residents can post their own content, residents are invited into a conversation with the community
encourage networking among residents eMailing lists, social networking features on the site, residents can be contacted through the site
maintain an open, free, civic space content is freely available, membership is open to all
welcome new residents a clear welcome message is linked to the home page, make it easy for new residents to link up
encourage community-mindedness raise awareness of the importance of information, encourage residents to share information by posting and editing their own content
support residents reduce isolation though connecting residents, encourage mutual support, provide information on sources of support
show that our community can thrive spread the news of successes in standing up to the pressures against our community
protect the communtiy from being used residents' views are given precedence over company, business and corporate views
support Residents' Associations RAs can maintain a clusters of pages, with their own home page. RA structures are integrated into the site, and indexed
provide security and privacy manual approval of members, permission levels, residents' information is only visible to residents



The content is provided by the community and is a community achievement. This web site is a product of the long-term community in Headingley.

The content of this web site is protected by a Community Ethos Licence = CEL

Community Ethos Licence

  • The community ethos is one of free sharing.
  • You are free to use this information in respectful ways, taking the usual care to quote correctly, and convey the context correctly.
  • As this is community information, it remains within circulation in the community. It is subject to free copying by others for respectful uses.
  • You are not free to restrict others from the free copying of this information.
  • You are not free to claim exclusive use of the information.
  • If this License is not acceptable to you, you are free not to use the information.
  • Your use of the information will be taken as an acceptance of the CEL.



  • We believe in balanced, sustainable, long-term communities.
  • We believe that a long-term community is a place where links between people are acted on, and renewed every day (not a place where nobody knows the neighbours).
  • We believe these links are a matter of give and take. It is not all take. Being part of a long-term community invites each of us into participation.
  • We believe everyone has something to offer to the community.
  • We believe a community is the stronger for having more links, more often acted on, held at more levels, in as diverse a way as possible.
  • We believe a community is a place for all ages, all races, all religions. No one group has the right to swamp another or drive another out.
  • We believe a certain proportion of guests is good for a community. We wish to go on hosting a sustainable proportion of students, as we have for years.
  • We believe the only people who can speak for the long-term community are the long-term residents themselves.
  • We believe our lives are the richer for being part of a community.