Introduction to Headingley

Headingley is an area to the north of Leeds City Centre, on the road out to Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales. Headingley was once a village and it still has a village atmosphere. It is an area of mixed housing, which includes solidly-built Victorian and Edwardian terraces and between-the-wars semis. There is a lot of greenery as most houses have gardens and there are several parks. It was Leeds' first suburb - bus no. 1 comes to Headingley. You can walk to Leeds centre in three quarters of an hour, across Woodhouse Moor, one of the closest parks to the city.

Headingley has held on to many of its traditional advantages - local shops, local cinemas, good schools, an active community, good services for the elderly, a village atmosphere, lots of green spaces - while benefiting from new developments such as school rebuilds and new community centres.

Headingley's shopping centre is on and around the Otley Road, but the homes are mainly on quiet streets, which don't get through traffic. A lot of the housing is Victorian brick terraces, which encourages a good knowledge of the neighbours. Maybe this is one of the reasons why there are a lot of civic-minded people in Headingley.

Headingley has had a vibrant community of long-term residents for years. It remains an area of family housing and there are excellent local schools. Many of its residents have deliberately chosen to live here so as not to have to commute.

Recently Headingley has seen the formation of Headingley Development Trust, an Industrial and Provident Society for the benefit of the community. It is co-operatively owned by its share holders. Using this structure, as well as the Headingley Renaissance framework prepared with Leeds City Council, the community is able to shape investment decisions in the future.

Now that the universities have stopped expanding, landlords are selling homes back to families. Crucially, there have been a number of recent changes in the legal and financial climate, so that sustainable community has a good future once again.


Please see the A-Z of community activities for the many and various activities happening in our community. We hope that, using this information, new residents will be able to connect to the community quickly.

Welcome to Headingley