Andrew Helm t/a Latitude 53 Photography & Photographic Art

Distinctive photographic art for homes and offices

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years since first having my dad's camera cascaded down to me when he bought his SLR. I eventually bought an Olympus OM10 and have recently bought my first digital SLR (Canon EOS).

I set up Latitude 53 in 2006 to give my photography a wider audience. Friends had been telling me for years that I had an exceptional eye for photography and on my more recent travels, my travelling companions started following me around around suspecting that I had found a great angle for a shot.

Exhibitions in Spring 2006 got me underway and the positive feedback I received gave me the confidence to develop the business. This year I have been selling my work through craft fairs and markets. Some of you will have seen me at the Art Day and at Headingley Arts and Craft Markets in the Methodist Hall.

I like to think that what categorises my work is an unusual take on a familiar scene. I like the urban fabric and in particular textures and patterns. I work with available light and understand the impact that good natural lighting can have on a photograph.

At the moment I am helping the Neighbourhood Design Statement process by capturing and looking after the image bank. Some of the images will be used in the final statement brochure. I am working with interior designers providing images for refurbishments, showhomes and fit outs. I provide artwork for businesses with an option to lease the photo art and have it refreshed on a regular basis - in effect an art gallery in your own office.

I'm looking for contacts who might want to take advantage of my skills and services. Office managers, practice managers etc (those in charge of office facilities), interior designers, bar & restaurant owners. If you can introduce me to such people I'd be very grateful.

I'm gradually adding images here and I hope you like what you see. There are more images on my website at All my images are available to purchase. Do get in touch with me if anything takes your fancy.