Headingley Network

The Residents' Association for central Headingley.

Join Headingley Network now - using the online form. Contact Martin Cook 275 9576 martincook@yips.co.uk for information about joining.

HEADINGLEY NETWORK operates both as a community association and a network connecting many other community, campaigning and activity groups from Woodhouse Moor to the Ring Road. It was formed to defend and advance the interests of Headingley and its residents by having the following aims and objectives:

  1. To promote the preservation and the protection of the environment in Headingley.
  2. To co-operate with our local police, to assist in the prevention of crime, to seek a local police station.
  3. To assist in the prevention of anti-social behaviour in any public place.
  4. To oppose any developments that are not for the benefit of the wider community.
  5. To curb unsightly and dangerous advertising.
  6. To campaign for traffic calming measures, including street closures, one-way systems and a residents's parking scheme where residents and the Network see these as necessary.
  7. To seek improvements in funding allocated to street-cleaning, footpath and road maintenance.
  8. To campaign for responsible management of homes of multiple occupation.
  9. To co-operate with any group or individuals, including the elected Leeds City Council members, in meeting the above objectives.

The strength of the Network comes from the size and commitment of its membership. By signing up as a member, you add weight and potency to our voice in many quarters.

Our ability to achieve objectives is also dependent on the time and energy of our members. Those who commit just a few hours each month make a huge impact on our community. You can join the committee, or get involved with one of the sub-groups or affiliated organisations that plan and campaign for projects of immediate interest to you.

All members are welcome to the Annual General Meeting and to other various meetings arranged throughout the year.

We have a notice board on North Lane, outside Citrus Cafe, where details of meetings will be posted; we have our website www.headingley.org and we have the quarterly newsletter HEADWAY distributed to members, the library and the community centre.

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