Woodhouse Ridge Action Group - WRAG

Volunteer group, conserving and enhancing the varied character of Woodhouse Ridge - mixed woodland, open glades and meadows, stretching between Grove Lane in Headingley and Ridge Road in Woodhouse, on elevated sloping land running parallel with Meanwood Road.

This is a Doorstep Green to communities of Headingley, Woodhouse, North Hyde Park and Meanwood.

It has many footpath connections forming a green route away from busy local roads for jogging, cycling, strolling and simply lingering in a .

A beautiful place with an interesting history and a valued wildlife habitat. A great natural playspace to bring kids.

We have Action Days generally on the last Sunday of the month, carrying out improvements, clearing paths, selecting small trees for removal or growing on and collecting litter etc.

Our committee meets on Wednesday 10 days prior to this at 7.30 in The Chemic Tavern in Woodhouse, where we discuss planned work, potential improvements, grant applications and liaison with Leeds City Council's Parks and Countryside Service.

Nigel Lees, Secretary tel 275 5932; Nick Nelson, Chair;  Mike Lycett, Treasurer;

See our website for further details, http://www.woodhouseridge.org.uk and for pictures / chat visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/woodhouseridgeactiongroup


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