Weetwood Residents' Association


Weetwood Residents' Association is a voluntary association of people residing in the area of Leeds 6 and 16 lying between the A660 Otley Road, Moor Road through Monkbridge Road, the Meanwood Beck and Weetwood Mill Lane (extending across Yorkshire Water property back to the Otley Road) and including Hustler's Row in Meanwoodside. Since first constituted in 1995, several previously included areas have formed their own associations, covering the Beckett's Parks, Churchwoods and Drummonds, Foxhills and the Highburys (qv) with whom we maintain strong working relations, as with Far Headingley Village Society and West Park Residents' Association (qqv|).

The Association is accredited as a representative association with Leeds City Council. It is governed by a written Constitution and all residents are invited to attend the AGM, generally held in early December. The Association's affairs are administered by a Chairman and Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, with a Committee of up to 10 members, elected annually at the AGM. There is at present no Membership Subscription.

As of the AGM of 4th January 2011, the Officers are:
Chair - Martyn Thomas of 3 Weetwood Crescent LS16 5NS
Secretary - to be confirmed.
Treasurer - John Thorne of The Stables 90 Weetwood Lane

The Association has two core Objectives:

- To conserve and enhance the quality of the built and natural environment in its representative area; and
- To improve the amenity of the area and promote the well-being of residents.

In proceeding towards its objectives the Association acts, alone or in consultation with neighbouring Associations and interest groups, to make representations to, and work with, Leeds City Council and its Departments, Committees and sub-groups, and closely with the three Ward Councillors.

- Modernisation of communication with Members;
- Regular scrutiny of Planning Applications and appropriate inputs on such applications;
- Ongoing dialogue with Highways Department, INWAC Transport Group, Leeds Met University and the Police on matters of traffic management and road and pedestrian safety;
- Participation in the revision of the NDS (See Attachment) to take account of changes in planning law;
- Liaison with the Friends of the Hollies Group;
- Constructive projects with staff and pupils of Weetwood Primary School;
- The introduction of the Cafe Philosophique concept (See Attachment).

Contribution of arguments which have prevented or modified proposed developments in the area judged to be inappropriate or contrary to the NDS, or which have promoted developments viewed as enhancing the area (e.g. the Orchard Court retirement home development in place a a very extensive pub/leisure complex on the Tram Shed Site).
Contribution to the preparation of the landmark "Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park Neighbourhood Design Statement" which is used by Leeds City Council Planning Committee as Supplementary Planning Guidance.
Support of the local and national HMO Lobby in bringing about legislation controlling excessive buy-to-let conversions in the immediate and neighbouring areas.
Opening of a productive dialogue with Leeds Metropolitan University concerning its activities on the two Headingley campuses and relations with the community.
Contributions to rationalisation and control of traffic flows and parking in the area.
Promotion of community projects