The Roman Empire - record launch

Event date: 
Sat, 10/12/2016 - 8:00pm

The Roman Empire are launching an album and have this to say about it:-

Our universe is now 13.8 billion years old*, which means it's taken that long (plus a bit more) to release our fourth album.
We encourage you all to put aside a few hours of your unique and most precious existence to join us in celebration, as we launch the album with our good friends at the Heart Centre.
Yet behold! The giant galactic origami-folding-squid-beast demands your presence at this most singular of experiences.
We play acoustic blues/country songs covering a glossary of fact-based subjects as octopuses, gin, UFOs, topiary and bread-making.

We are excited to announce that Sam McLoughlin (Twisted Nerve, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, Folklore Tapes) will be supporting The Roman Empire. Sam is an instrument maker, sound machine creator and purveyor of the finest music created on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. He has promised to sing some songs and create minor mischief.

Donations on the door please, all of which will be given to Heart Centre.

Set a date. Invite your friends. Come laugh with us.