Headingley Development Trust

Development Trusts occupy the place where the business, public, community and voluntary sectors meet. There are over 300 Development Trusts across the UK, all community owned and led. They cultivate social and community enterprise and build assets; they secure community prosperity, creating wealth in communities and keeping it there Development Trusts work for the environmental and social regeneration of an area. This generally means setting up and running a healthy mix of services and facilities which respond to the needs of the community.

Headingley Development Trust was launched on 17 September 2005. For more information on Headingley Development Trust, visit the website at www.headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk, or write to HDT at 20 Woodland Park Road, Leeds LS6 2AZ or email info@headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk


The Trust's projects are listed below -