FROG - Friends and Residents of Orville Gardens

FROG is a single-street association that was formed in 2003 to fight a specific planning application - we won the battle on that one but lost the war, because although the planning panel imposed very strict conditions on the proposed development, which would have prevented the property becoming a student house, the landlord then effectively flouted the decision by converting the house internally and letting to students regardless!

FROG continues to meet on an occasional basis and contributes to Headingley life through our involvement in HMO Lobby, Headingley Forum, Freshers Week Planning Group etc., and ongoing interest in significant local planning issues.

For those interested in a bit of history, an account of the Tudor Cottage planning saga is attached.
Following the rejection of the ASHORE policy this is no longer entirely as relevant as it was, but it may still be of interest to those fighting planning applications - and one thing that is of wider ongoing interest is the identity of the landlord in this case.

First City Rentals has now become Rentme, who are part of the Simon Morris Properties set-up and have an office at Hyde Park Corner; they have also recently (October 2006) been on the receiving end of a fair amount of bad publicity in the local and student press.

FROG can be contacted via its chair Richard Norton at

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