Hi everyone,

This is to let you know about the new "Eco-Cafe" being set up in Headingley, May 2009.

The Cafes will be at 7.30pm on the third Monday of each month, in Muir Court Community Room, Sagar Place, off St Michael's Road, LS6 3AP (see map)

The Eco-Cafe is the latest initiative from TINWOLF (Transition Inner North-West of Leeds Form - a Transition Towns initiative covering, oddly enough, the inner north-west area of Leeds).

Details from 230 7127 or 368 1999.

The idea is to create a regular discussion event in a similar vein to the various "cafes" which already exist in Leeds (Cafe Economiqe, Cafe Scientifique, etc) - an opportunity to educate ourselves around issues relating to sustainability and local community resilience in the face of threatened climate change and peak oil. There will be invited speakers with particular knowledge on all sorts of relevant topics, with lots of time for discussion, networking and, hopefully, starting practical sustainability initiatives for our local area. Entry is free, though small donations will be welcome to cover refreshments and room-hire.

Everyone is invited (even if you don't live in the TINWOLF area, you will hopefully be able to take away lots of useful ideas, and have lots to contribute). We'd love to hear from anyone who feels they have something to share and would be willing to present a talk - whether it's based on knowledge, practical skills or information about an existing group/initiative which they are part of (it could be a great way to spread the word about what's already going on).

Please pass this on to friends, family, colleagues etc

Hope to see you there!