Policy on commercial use of headingley.org

Guidance on the commercial use of headingley.org.

Our aim is to promote a balanced, diverse and sustainable community through developing community resiliance, especially in the form of non-economic co-operation. So we actively promote social enterprises and community-based organisations.

Our website and mailing lists are for individuals and community groups in Headingley to:

  • seek support for community events and community ventures (like farmers market, chicken coop and HEART)
  • share recommendations on local tradesmen and businesses who they believe will do a good job and are good for the Headingley community,
  • sell cheaply or give away items that are no longer wanted

For this reason we ask users to only use headingley.org and the mailing lists if:

  • they are promoting a business as a customer (rather than for commercial reasons) and are prepared to endorse the business or
  • they are promoting an event that is either organised by a Headingley community group or is directly for the benefit of the community
  • NB. one-off private sales are not businesses

There is a separate section for local businesses whose events do not qualify for promotion through Headingley Community, for the reasons above.

  • this section itself excludes businesses whose practices corrode community (eg letting agencies, take-aways, pubs, etc)
  • it is also reserved for local enterprises, not national chains

Occasionally we have given a small, local business space for an event on headingley.org. In these cases we ask, in return,  for some kind of contribution to the community. This can be a donation to a community group, or a contribution of time/resources to a community initiative, or a reduced rate for headingley.org members, etc.

Thank you