Aims of does not take a neutral position! is for community-strengthening discussions rather than general discussions.

All sorts of supportive and positive messages have been exchanged since 2004. This is possible when residents (especially new residents) feel comfortable reaching out to others, in the knowledge that they will be received kindly, with respect and good will. is here as a platform to help that happen.'s aim is to increase community resilience. When residents interact and support each other, in daily life, we discover interconnections within our community. This has all sorts of benefits. These benefits often come into existence informally, spontaneously, maybe off-list, when we find new ways of supporting each other, which fit the needs of the moment. Supportive exchanges in our home community enhance our lives and bring us joy. The joy of giving to others, as well as being supported, respected and valued.

So is for community-strengthening discussions rather than general discussions. It is here as a platform for times when we want to create, enhance and strengthen community interconnections. This means choosing not to air some things, not because you don't think them, but because they may set everyone at loggerheads and do no good. is not here for general discussion of this or that. It is here for, "how can we help each other with this or that?"

Sometimes it is hard to judge..... there may be grey areas..... one person's rant could be another person's reasonable statement. We need to filter ourselves wisely. Hopefully, if you keep these stated aims in your mind as you write, people will feel at ease.

We have 2 email networks for supportive, fun, everyday stuff -

  • Chat for the whole of Headingley
  • Triangle for the Cardigan Triangle area

We also have the Activists network for residents who are prepared to get their sleeves rolled up and take action, with others, to protect the community from the various threats it faces.